Our Mission is to provide professional Engineering services to all players of the MSO community and create software solutions to streamline, optimize, and expedite services-based activities, while minimizing subscriber impact.

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At Infinity Tech, we believe in empowering teams everywhere with technology. Coupled with our customer first focus, we are able to deliver reliability, integrity, and trust to every user.


Design & Architecture

Infinity Tech has designed a myriad of application platforms to meet customer needs. Infinity Tech believes in solving business problems first…


Data Management

Applications created by Infinity Tech focuses on the whole picture… Designing large-scale data-driven applications…


Our Products & Services

Infinity Tech works with you to help manage overhead

Our Software Solutions provide the ability to remotely manage your device overhead through web-enhanced applications.

Infinity Tech has experience with facility design and inventory. In fact, using the Rack Track software brings this to life…