Engineering Services

Infinity Technology Solutions Offers Advanced Experience Within The Video Community

Infinity Tech has decades of combined experience in Professional Engineering Services. With a diverse background in the Information Technology industry, Infinity Tech is highly focused on the MSO Video Community.

The Infinity Tech team members often originate directly from major vendor organizations, giving them a unique advantage with product deployment, integration, and troubleshooting. Infinity Tech firmly believes in leveraging expertise to ensure success.

Infinity Tech has partnered with several other Consulting organizations to accomplish broader goals to benefit all.

Professional Engineering Services

Digital Broadband Delivery System Operations

Design, integration, and optimization services

At Infinity Tech, we always want to maximize network performance. We strive to bring you the latest and greatest. Our team is continually developing and testing new designs while creating an ease-of-use system for all our valued users.

Deploy and launch new products and solutions

Infinity Tech strives to continually be on the cutting edge of new developments and solutions for our customers. We work diligently to provide our end users with the latest updates and products.

Multiplex design & optimization

Infinity Tech has the ability to create a system or signal involving concurrent transmission of several messages along a single channel of communication. This gives our end users the capacity to pull metrics from devices across any designated region.

RNCS to transport hub migrations

Infinity Tech can automatically convert your RNCS Site locations to Transport Hubs using Infinity Tech's automated RNCS Migration software. No need to manually manipulate complex database records to re-configure a feature that wasn't meant to be removed... we will do it for you automatically.

Video Optimization Services

Video Optimization Services (VOS) seems to be a common term these days, but often it's entirely misunderstood. With Infinity Tech's consulting background and automation software solutions, you'll find that we make optimization stress-free.

System Architecture Designs

System architecture is the constructional design of systems. Infinity Tech offers a class of software that provides foundational services and automation.

Method of Procedure (MOPs)

Every task impacting a production component should be thoroughly documented, which not only includes a step-by-step process, but other critical items such as timelines, stakeholders, peer review, rollback methodology. Infinity Tech provides detailed MOP documentation for all services and software.

Test & Validate solutions in offline lab environments

Software and Products are released faster than ever, or so it may seem. It's important to always validate the end-to-end solution an offline environment to understand the deployment process and identify any potential issues that may be found. We believe in thorough regression testing of all products before deploying to a production environment. We do this for our own software solutions and can help you with testing 3rd party solutions as well.

Explorer Controller Upgrades

Do you have a new System Release that you need help deploying? The process can be tricky, but we're here to help!

IP network migrations: DNCS, Set-Tops, Elements, and more

Infinity Tech is capable of performing IP migrations for patrons. IP Migration is the movement of servers between locations. These locations can be physical changes in location or virtual address changes.

RF/EIA realignment activities

RF/EIA connectors are used to connect two items of high-powered frequency. Infinity Tech provides this technology in order to contemporize linear-broadcast services into optimized multiplexes and sequentially aligning the RF/EIA scope.

Head-End consolidations

Infinity Tech offers head-end consolidation for our customers. Head-end receives TV signals as input from satellites, processes them into cable-quality signals, and then distributes them to homes and cable networks.

EC database activities

With a background of the EC since DNCS v1.2, the Infinity Tech team has created countless software-base utilities to perform rapid transactions directly in the database. From bulk importing configurations to migrating components, Infinity Tech likely has a solution that will work for you..

DBDS Software Development

DBDS (Digital Broadband Delivery System) serves a varying client base, partnering with key stakeholders to advise on and deliver IT Solutions.