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An all-in-one solution for managing enterprise assets

Featuring a highly visual representation of your facilities, Rack Track™ lets you feel as if you’re directly in of the equipment, odd if you're thousands of miles away. With award winning cloud-based performance, access Rack Track™ from any device, any time, anywhere.

Rack Track Features

The comprehensive inventory management system for your physical services. Our global system allows for you to have a real-time view of your centralized data.

Adding your equipment is quick and easy.

Rack Track™ has thousands of device profiles stored in the default library, so getting started is quick and easy. Adding your own custom devices is as simple as a couple clicks.

  • Find your devices on Rack Track™ in seconds with our vast default equipment library!
  • Utilizing custom equipment? Adding it to Rack Track™ is easy, saving you time and money!
  • Efficiently manage your equipment with our naming and grouping system!
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Intuitive search functionality

The Rack Track™ Search feature will search the database for any values, such as IP Address, MAC Address, or odd a list of devices that share a common gateway address.

  • Rack Track™ utilizes intelligent search functionality to find your devices fast!
  • Quickly and easily find equipment on any rack at any site!
  • Search results are easy-to-read, allowing you to find that data you need as efficiently as possible.
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A responsive interface for effective inventory management

From this stylish and responsive interface, managing your inventory has never been easier. Want Block Diagrams or Spreadsheet style views instead instead? Yes, Rack Track™ does that too!

  • Design Option functionality allows you to easily refine your displayed inventory as you see fit!
  • Effortlessly find the inventory data you need with an aesthetically functional interface.
  • Quickly export your inventory design to Microsoft Excel with a click of your mouse!
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A detailed view of each of your site's inner-workings

View your entire facility from the bird's-eye view of each site's floor plan, while also seeing power consumption, heat generation, available rack space, and much more.

  • Seemlessly switch between the layouts of all your sites!
  • Editing your site's layout is easy, allowing Rack Track™ to keep up with your enterprise's continued growth!
  • A plethora of information on all your sites at your fingertips!
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View and manage your equipment racks in real time

With the Rack Track™ Quick Reference tool, you can view and edit all the basic information for any device real time by simply clicking on it.

  • View, edit, and add information on all your devices in real time!
  • See a complete visualization of your actual rack utilizing our extensive library of equipment, including front/rear images!
  • Get all the data on your rack, including RU and power consumption!
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Get an aerial overview of your enterprise

Viewing your enterprise has never been easier. Integrated mapping starts from a high level view, that lets you zoom all the way down to the individual pieces of equipment.

  • An accurate satellite view of your enterprise's sites!
  • Quickly jump between multiple sites and their respective floor maps and device lists.
  • Information on all of your sites in one list!
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