Case Study - Engineering Services

Large-Scale IP Network Migration

Infinity Tech Realigned Comcast's IP network from individual legacy isolated networks onto a new fully integrated Unified Engineering Network ("UEN"). Within the Head-End and Hub facilities, the migrated devices included Controllers (DNCS, AppServers), QAMs, QPSKs, Set-Top Networks, Multiplexers, Monitoring Equipment, and other mission-critical gear.

Infinity Tech developed software-based tools to perform database mining, database realignments, and inventory tracking. Also developed the Network Validation Toolkit, a hardware and software solution used to ensure deployment readiness by automatically testing switch configurations, Relay Agents, and Cabling.

Professional Engineering Services

Large-Scale IP Network Migration


  • Identify Site Requirements
  • Inventory Audit/Discovery
  • Create Design and Timeline
  • Install, Provision & Validate H/W
  • Install & Test Cabling & Labeling
  • Stage Test Network


  • Re-IP Servers (Enterprise)
  • Hub Migrations
  • Firewall Migrations
  • Migrate to UEN Wiring
  • Update NMS Config
  • Full system validation


  • Perform clean-up activity
  • Address any open items
  • Monitor system for stability
  • Update non-critical equipment
  • Perform full system backups