Case Study - Engineering Services

Content Re-Distribution and EIA Realignment

Infinity Tech transformed the RF footprint of Comcast. After provisioning new Arris CAPs to a new multiplex design, the team stood-up offline GQAM stacks to systematically provision thousands of Linear Broadcast Sessions using the Infinity Tech Session Builder software.

After a thorough validation phase, Infinity Tech implemented the new GQAM configurations by realigning GQAM records directly within the DNCS Database.

Along with these changes include streamlining linear-broadcast services into optimized multiplexes and sequentially aligning the RF/EIA spectrum. This strategically positioned each market for additional EIA carriers at the upper-end of the spectrum for the DOCSIS 3.1 implementation & expansion.

Professional Engineering Services

Content Re-Distribution and EIA Realignment


  • Capture Configuration
  • Engineering Coordination
  • CAP-1000 Provisioning
  • Design Package
  • Package Validation


  • Build Temp GQAM Stack
  • Provision Temp QPSK
  • Execute Session Builder


  • Side by Side Channel Comparision


  • Reconfigure DNCS
  • Move Offline GQAM Configuration into Production
  • Reconfigure DTACS
  • Validate


  • Delete Original Configuration